mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

My latest vintage purchase and something frivolous

Hi lovelies,
today I want to show you my latest purchase!
What is it? Another bag of course ... what else!
Already you know, the bags are one of my passions;))
I went to a  vintage market  in Florence and as soon as I saw it, I said: " Must be mine!"
I love everything about this bag: the color, the model,the roses sewn on. So cute!!

I think, lovelies, that any your Florence travel plan should include trips to a lot of local markets! There is one for every taste!The important thing is that you  arrive early to have best choice !

These days  I also bought something frivolous!;)
What do you think about the color of these Essence nail polish? 
As you can see, I love the color purple or lilac:)   
Nr.41 very berry & Nr.26 break through

.....and what do you think about this?;))
So so frivolous,right?!!:)
By the way is also a useful thing!!!

Another of my purchases was this floral print blouse.: I immediately fell in love with it !
I bought it on sale in the  And  blouse store

See you soon,lovelies!

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Jackie @ EatLove&Style ha detto...

These are great. I want the Hello Kitty Flashdrive.


Deppa ha detto...

Cute purchases! I love them all! also those colors are really cute.

See you :)

caise ha detto...

I love your purchases!
amazing nail polish:)

Teodora ha detto...

Awesome purse. Can't wait to see how you would pair it.


Iida ha detto...

Wow, you really love purple. :D Your Hello Kitty USB drive is so cute.

xx, Iida

Karina Donayre ha detto...

Lovely blog!!! I like very much,I am following your blog, if you want you can follow mine,


Julie Ann Lozada ha detto...

oh... i love your bag so much... im a big fan of flower!

Once Upon A Time... ha detto...

i think the bag is way tooo cute!!!!! i have one very similar but it's pink. purple is one of my favourite colours!!! i also like the flowery shirt!!!! you should post a picture of yourself wearing it!

jos xx

Bow Tied Beauty ha detto...

love the colour of the polishes! :)

Anonimo ha detto...

lovly shirt!
the print is great

Check out my new post: Lipstick jungel
Would love to have you as a follower

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

Love your bag, really beautiful.


Mary ha detto...

@Jackie:you're right,it's very,very cute!!
See you soon,dear!
@Deppa:I'm very glad you like these colors too;))
Have a nice Thursday,lovely!
@Caise:I totally love these nail polish:)
@Teodora:I'm glad you like my purse;)I love it!
@Lida:yes,I admit,I really like purple and pink:))
@Jos:thanks lovely,you are so sweet!!
@Cutest Princess:wow!I'm very happy you're fan of flowers like me!
@Karina:thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment!See you soon!
@Bow Tied beauty:I'm in love with these colors!!
I wish you a great Thursday:)
@Fashiongamble:thank you,dear.See you soon!
@Lynn:I'm very glad you really like my bag:)
Have a great Thursday,lovely!

mackenziepage ha detto...

Love the purse! I adore purple!

Your blog is so precious! I'm your newest follower!
I actually used to live in Florence, so I'm glad I found this!

Barcelona Brunettes ha detto...

We love your purchases!



Unknown ha detto...


xoxo from rome

Redischic ha detto...

nice new in!


noone ha detto...

the hello kitty flash drive is adorable! and it's soo pink :D vintage shopping is always fun huh?!

Sabrina ha detto...

That purple flower bag is so adorable!

Anonimo ha detto...

Great purchases!! I love pink and purple!! Usb from hello kitty is very cute :)
Lots of kisses!

Unknown ha detto...

Ciao bella! I like ur new purchases, u can combine the blouse with the cute bag :)

bacio amore!

LaDama Bianca ha detto...

Che meraviglia quella borsa, la voglio anche ioooo!

Monica Kosasih ha detto...

Those stuffs are so adorable esp your cute rose bag ;) great purchase dear

Dicas Femininas ha detto...

Olá amada que Charme seu blog eu amei já estou seguindo beijos me visite

Eugenie ha detto...

Such a lovely blog! I`m so glad to follow it.
Nice pictures.
Love your new blouse and nail polish ;)

Brittany ha detto...

Hey girl, thank you soo much for stopping by my blog. You are so sweet.
So, first of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I dream of visiting Tuscany one day! Seriously, that would be my dream vacation.
Secondly, that bag is Ah-Dorable!!!

Joana ha detto...

What a lovely bag, its very pretty! Thanks, i'm following you to :D

Anonimo ha detto...

Lovely bag and I love Hello Kitty! Thank you so much for commenting and following me, I really appreciate it! following back :)


Savannah ha detto...

Love it! So pretty!!

Once Upon A Time... ha detto...

thanks for your lovely comment!

don't forget to participate at my giveaway which will close on sunday!!

jos xx

Blog da Reh ha detto...

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the confirmation of words, for the people who comment on your blog ...
It's really easy to take it off, just go
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Ready! It's okay if you don't want to, but it would be sooo much better and easier to comment here, hi hi!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm following you, please, follow me back, thank you!


Jéssica e Ana Paula ha detto...

so cute!
nice blouse.
following you too!


Sweet darling. ha detto...

I love vintage purchase :) and what you bought loooks great :D

Mimi ha detto...

awwww, how cute is that hello kitty usb?! :D

<3, Mimi

tishiannae ha detto...

Thanks for stopping by! I am now following you back! Love the color of your blog!! See you soon <3

Vero ha detto...

Si cute!!! Love your shopping treasure!
Thank you for your visit and coment.
I follow you too!

Lo quiero ya!!! ha detto...

Hi Mary!!! first thank you for visit my blog and for your comment.
I´ve visited your blog too and is fantastic!!!
I follow you.

Gertrude ha detto...

The nail polishes are so so cute!! Love their packaging. Have a great weekend :) xo

Melsa ha detto...

hi there, thank you for your lovely comment and the follow^^ you have a super cute blog and we love the color pink, we'll follow you back!!!

best wishes, melle and sasa

Wherever the Sunset Is ha detto...

Ei! Thanks for your comment!. We're crazy about vintage shopping. Here, in Madrid, we know like the back of our hand every little vintage store. It's nice to see that in other countries people love this kind of stores too. kises from Madrid!:D

Bravoe Runway ha detto...

What a cute bag and I can tell purple is your favorite colour! Thank you for showing us your recent purchases, it looks great! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on Bravoe Runway! Let's definitely follow each other! I see you are also a fan of Julie from Pop C! YAYA!!!

Janine ha detto...


firstly: thank you so soo much for comenting & following. I really appreciate it, it means such a lot!
I like your purchases though I usually don't really like purple, but the last top is so cute!
Love your postings, I'm following back!

Janine from

Gunel (Guni) ha detto...

OMG! I want that Hello Kitty USB! =D

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