mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Mango Spring 2012 Inspiration

Hi lovelies,
today  Mango Spring Inspiration and great desire to go shopping ;)
First of all I want show  my favourite pictures of new  Catalog !
I absolutely love these outfits and these pics with Magdalena starring:

What do you think about these pieces,lovelies?
Do I have made ​​you want to buy something?

Now here are the other pictures of  Mango Catalog
This collection is so beautiful and colorful :)
I love especially the pleated skirts and dresses! 

What color and what piece of this collection do you prefer?
Do you often buy in Mango?
I leave you with Mango S/S 2012 Fashion Show
See you soon, lovelies:)

23 commenti:

Dora ha detto...

I love Mango . the pleated dresses are so beautiful :)

Audrey ha detto...

sono stata ieri da mango e la nuova collezzione è una meraviglia! ho preso un blazer verde stupendo e una borsetta scamosciata azzurra.... un sogno!

Mary ha detto...

@Audrey:abbiamo gli stessi gusti;)
Hai fatto dei bellissimi acquisti!! Adoro questa collezione:)

Mary ha detto...

@Dora:I absolutely love these pleated dresses!
Mango is one of my favorite brands;)

Marie Martell ha detto...

Wow! I love all these pieces! I've never bought anything from this brand. I think I will now :)
Thanks for the post!

Mary ha detto...

@Marie:I'm very glad you liked my Mango inspiration;)
I love a lot of pieces of this collection!!
See you soon

LoveE ♥ ha detto...

Gosh I hardly ever buy from Mango, but with this collection I'm so changing my mind! Love this, thanks for sharing!

Stylish By Nature ha detto...

I love Mango and wanna buy them outright now :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Larissa ha detto...

I haven't seen the new MNG collection but its so lovely! I want everything, especially that cardigan with the little hearts :)

Moda ha detto...

Bellissimi tutti!!!

Baci Marcella

Iza ha detto...

Very nice inspirations! Beautiful collection! :)

dimitri ha detto...

It's a great collection. Love all these pieces.
The long green dress is beautiful.

TheMorgana1985 ha detto...

che bellissima collezione, mi piace davvero molto

Rebecca Ragionieri ha detto...

Mi piace tutto :D comunque ho appena pubblicato un post e mi farebbe piacere avere un tuo commento, eccoti il link:
Reb, xoxo.

Greeklicious ha detto...

I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue ha detto...

Gorgeous! I want them all!!!

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Amber ha detto...

that heart sweater needs to be gracing my body immediately.

AndréiaFSalim ha detto...

Inspirations beautiful as always! :)
I would like to follow each other and also bloglovin Facebook? Yes!

I'm following you then feel free to follow me back. :) Xoxo

Second Hand Rose ha detto...

Really lovely collection, you always show some amazing clothes! I love the jumpers and the long dresses are beautiful. I'd really love the last pleated dress! XxxX

Katie ha detto...

so lovely, i love the combination of grunge and super preppy! the colors are to die for as well. and that polka dot blazer? mmmmm want it

instead of an elephant

Le Cose di Eva ha detto...

Quante belle cose *_*
Tu sei una tentatrice!!!!
Un bacione cara Mary

Talitha ha detto...

Oh my god I love the two dresses up the top - absolutely gorgeous!!

Talitha xx

Karen ha detto...

So cute! I would wear all of these styles :)

<3 Karen from

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