mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

My top collection

Hi lovelies,
I'm going to leave for a vacation: we are staying a week with the Royal Carribean Cruise.
Departure from Venice....the best romantic place!!
I'm so excited! I've found a pc and so I just wanted to say goodbye to all of you lovelies with some photos of my top collection.
This is really nice with a lot of colours :-)

And this one with a lot of poppy!

Yellow, yellow.....with this hot temperature is great!

super chic

and this one with the star...

this is one of my favourite tops

also this one is so sexy....

I wish you a fabulous week sweeties!

sabato 9 luglio 2011

Red inspiration with Nadia + the winner

Hi lovelies,
how is your Saturday?
Today in Tuscany  is a truly summer day:)
It's very,very hot!!!
So I think it's the right time to offer you a red inspiration ;)
In the editorial "Red Dawn"  the Greek model Nadia Serlidou posed for the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar Turkey .

The color red serves as the right  inspiration to Koray Birand’s outdoor elegance for these amazing pics.
I really like this photoshoot: I love the clothes,the accessories and jewellery! Definitely I had to share it!
I love especially this gorgeous dress: fabulous!! It looks like a princess dress:)

What do you think? She does not seem Cinderella  when at midnight escapes from the ballroom?

And now other clother...always inspired by the color red!!!

I love these cuteeee!

I admit,lovelies, I totally love this bracelet!;) Do you like it?
How much do you like color red?
Do you use it in clothes or accessories, or in neither?
I wish you a fabulous weekend,sweeties!

Please note: I have just drawn the winner of my summer Giveaway!
For those who haven't won,don't worry!
I'll organize soon an other giveaway for you:)

Ho estratto il vincitore del mio summer giveaway
Il nome è ....Triangle!

Congratulazioni,cara follower !
Per chi non ha vinto,ci saranno altre occasioni. Organizzerò presto un altro giveaway per tutte voi!
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