sabato 18 febbraio 2012

In Mexico at Playa Del Carmen with Poppy

Are you ready to go to Mexico today?
Have you already prepared your suitcase?
Let's go,lovelies:)

The latest Louis Vuitton summer 2012 campaign takes us on a sunny seaside holiday to  Mexico!!
Under the sun of  Playa Del Carmen,the alluring English model, Poppy Delevigne shows off this season printed totes,  wedge sandals,sunglasses ,towels and easy beach wear

Come on, let's go to walk into the sea!! about sunbathing on the beach?
hihihih I think it would be a great idea;)
Btw, I love this swimsuit!

I absolutely love this cotton canvas bag with colorful stripes.So stylish;)
Btw these retro-style sunglasses will inspire old time glamor !!

How will you spend this weekend?
Unfortunately I stay at home
because I have the flu! :(
I'll have to postpone my departure for Mexico with you,lovelies:))

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tres chic chica ha detto...

Oh I'm sorry! Feel better! But thank you so much for this post! I love everything! Especially the shades and the totes! Super stylish!

Camelia ha detto...

GORGEOUS. Makes me want to go on vacation! Lovely!

Soph. ha detto...

Beautiful pictures. I started off my wind with a surf this morning and having some more fun in the sun tomorrow at a BBQ. Get better soon :)


caise ha detto...

great pictures!

Sylwia ha detto...

Great photos!!
my weekend=study ;/

Agata ha detto...

Great photos!! ;)))

dimitri ha detto...

These photos are so pretty. Very nice outfits.
Have a lovely weekend.

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

I love it!


Content Director - Strong Female Leaders ha detto...

These are simply gorgeous.

SymbioticLife ha detto...

I would love to go to Mexico. I'm loving the sunnies in this spread. So glamorous and chic. The bags are fantastic and the idea of a sunny resort with beautiful beaches makes me swoon. Hope you get over the flu soon.

Jackie ha detto...

I definitely need a vacation....and some LV!

AndreiaSalim ha detto...

How beautiful! I loved it :)))

Chandana ha detto...


Unknown ha detto...

Beautiful swimwear :) Wish I could get some!

Talitha xx

Efashiondiaries ha detto...

beautiful photos...very chic outfits...well done...xx

Fede ha detto...

tutte molto belle, voglia di tornare in messico

Todoloquemellama ha detto...

Very good post, I would like to go there.

Carolzinha ha detto...

Lovely pictures. Mary take a look at this it's about our Xmas swap.

Love you Carol

Second Hand Rose ha detto...

Such gorgeous photos, they really make me want to put down the chocolate cake and go to the gym though! XxxX

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