mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Have you been dreaming of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes ?

Hi lovelies,
have you been dreaming of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes?;)
I don't know about you, so did I ;)
It's  Jimmy Choo shoes that I've been dreaming of even more these days!Don't know why!
I thought "It will be a Midsummer Night's dream ".... but even this excuse is not good:)))
Unfortunately we are already in mid-August ! ;)
(Omg!I'm not ready for the end of summer yet!!)
The fault is that I have seen pictures of the advertising campaign for autumn winter 2011-2012 and it was love at first sight!!;))
Jimmy Choo Shoes are very expensive! It's difficult for the ordinary people to buy these amazing shoes, sometime is impossible,but dreaming is not expensive and then you never know ...
Btw,I totally love the ankle boots in the photo up here!
Now I want to show you the pictures of that amazing collection:
these shoes are sexy and glamorous and they add instant style to the simplest of outfits!!!
Ciao carissime,avete mai sognato di possedere un paio di scarpe di Jimmy Choo?;)
Non so voi, ma io sì ;)
E ancora di più,non so perché, in questi giorni !
Ho pensato: "Sarà solo il sogno di una notte di mezza estate" non è una buona scusa :)))
Sfortunatamente siamo già oltre la metà di Agosto!:)
(Omg!Io,ragazze,non sono ancora pronta a vedere finire l'estate!)
La colpa,secondo me, è che ho visto le foto della campagna pubblicitaria per la collezione autunno inverno 2011-2012 ed è stato amore a prima vista!!;)
Le scarpe di Jimmy Choo sono molto costose. E' difficile per noi comuni mortali riuscire a comprare queste fantastiche scarpe,se non impossibile,ma sognare non è costoso e poi non si sa mai....
Comunque vi dico subito che adoro gli stivaletti nella foto qui sopra!
Ora voglio mostrarvi alcune immagini di questa meravigliosa collezione:

I admit,I love also the boots of that collection!
Lo ammetto,adoro anche gli stivali di questa collezione!

I really like these boots below but I don't love the posing in this picture! Too aggressive!
We are not so bad wiht men!!!;)))) At least not always!!!;)))What do you think?

Mi piacciono soprattutto gli stivali nella foto qui sotto, ma non adoro la posa!Troppo aggressiva!
Noi non siamo così cattive con gli uomini!!!!;))) Almeno non sempre!! ;)) Che ne dite?

I leave you wiht the picture of these stunning high heel shoes !
 These shoes, known as Kiln, are precious and romantic,adorned with exquisite crystals!!Perfect for evening glamour if you have $1995.00;))))
However the important thing is that Jimmy Choo continues to make models of our dreams :)

Vi lascio con l'immagine di queste favolose scarpe con un tacco vertiginoso di ben 15 cm,conosciute come Kiln,perfette per una serata glamour se avete a disposizione $1995.00;))))
Comunque,ragazze,la cosa importante è che Jimmy Choo continui a creare i modelli dei nostri sogni :) 

See you soon,lovelies!

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Blog da Reh ha detto...

ahhh, marvelous!!
I want them!!'


Amanda Zulai ha detto...

looove shoes!
very beautiful


Tara ha detto...

gorgeous ♥

menina elegante ha detto...

Jimmy Choos are just amazing. :) x

Fashion-isha ha detto...

OMG I am drooling I WANT them all! Maybe I'll save some $$$ but I don't know how I will decide...thank you!

Stacey Kay ha detto...

OMG they are all amazing!

Stacey Kay
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Mimi ha detto...

wow! i would love to own jimmy choos, manolos, and louboutins some day -- even just one pair of each is more than enough for me! :D

<3, Mimi

caise ha detto...

I love the last picture
those heels are amazing!

Denisa L ha detto...

not only a pair, lots of them! Sales are the best time to buy expensive designer shoes! Fab campaign;)

Paola Alberdi ha detto...

nice shoes!

the fashlight

Sara ha detto...

Witch girl doesn’t want a pair of Jimmy Choo, I for one want one and to be more exact I love the last pair, it’s gorgeous, the color is divine and the shape perfect! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Charlotte ha detto...

Later I wanna be rich so that I can afford some Jimmy Choos, haha ;) Great post <3 xx

Kate L. ha detto...

Absolutely gorgeous! Those shoes are to die for. I love Jimmy Choo!

Fashion Cat

Ellie M ha detto...

Amazing shoes, I want them all lol x

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

Anche il mio sogno è havere un paio di scarpe di Jimmy Choo, o Louboutin, o Manolo Blanhick, o Charlotte Olympia ... ma é soltanto questo, un sogno. Bellisime tutte le scarpe e stivali di questo post.


Camila Souza ha detto...

amei seu blog tb
ja estou te seguindo
e adorei o post

Brittany ha detto...


Dee O. ha detto...

lovely spread!


Catherine Au Jong ha detto...

awesome shoes! sure I can follow you back :D

Nina S. | LA STYLE MUSE ha detto...

thanks darling for nice comment. sure im following u back ! :)

be in touch, kisses from Croatia


Fashionista ha detto...

Amazing shoes!
Love your blog! I'll follow you!

Unknown ha detto...

Bellissime scarpe!


Unknown ha detto...

wow amazing collection dear so IN LOVE with the jimmy choos following u back awesome blog thanks for finding me u are awesome


Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for your nice comment! : )) we don't see you as a Follower? : ( But sure we'll follow you back now! maybe you'll have to try it once again. : )

By the way your blog is great and I love the pictures!

Anonimo ha detto...

Now we see you! : ) Thank you!

mashutzo writes ha detto...

love ur blog!
follow each other?

guus van vugt (owner) ha detto...

really really like this blog, i need to follow you! take a look at my blog, and let me know what you think of it. thanks -ohmyanker

Nikoll ha detto...

Your blog is very nice i´m follower now :D
Thank you very much for your commet! :-)

xx Nikoll from Slovakia

Julie Ann Lozada ha detto...

ahh... those shoes are to die for...

Amber ha detto...

yes i would love to own a pair of these shoes but he would have to drop his prices about 90%

Eline | ha detto...

Lovely shoes (and blog!)

xo Eline

Gertrude ha detto...

Jimmy Choo's shoes are GORGEOUS! Love the last one :) xo

Caroline J. ha detto...

ahh, so beautiful ! who doesn't dream about jimmy choo ?

Jennifer ha detto...

love the first pair and the "finch" boot. oh and i followed! (:

Estella ha detto...

hey! love these pics!! thanks for your lovely comment, following you now here, on Bloglovin and on Facebook..follow me back?? Thanks..

The Odd and Chic ha detto...

Want everything! Especially the boots - need a pair that exact colour! :-)

Following you - stop by and follow too if you like!


sittie rainie limba ha detto...

hello there =)) am also a shoe addict, I bought shoes for outfit photos and this is so true.. Some shoes are expensive, they only made me drool hahaha. I wish I can buy some of these shoes someday =)) anyway am n new follower here.. hope you can check out my blog and follow me too, I want to see more of your post

tell yourself to be myself ha detto...

i always thought Jimmy Choo's were so over rated, it's marketing & PR surely successfully created a hype, in terms of actual design. I always thought it really was not that great & it's name was soley the only purpose why people bought it. But you have chosen the pictures that actually don't look too bad so good job xoxo

Gunel (Guni) ha detto...

Honey, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm so happy that now you're one of my followers! Following you back! =}

I saw some very beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes that I think about purchasing in future. One of the best shoe designers.

Selvaggia Capizzi ha detto...

Acc quamto costano! I booties piacciono anche a me ma le forbes mi fanno impazzire!!!

Stylus Muse ha detto...

Great campaign! The Jimmy Choos look amazing!!

Loving your blog:)

Now following!!


Catherine. ha detto...

Thanks for following, Madame. I really adore that collection!


amy b.s. ha detto...

oh jimmy choo. how i love you.

Khlaren ha detto...

OMG, love those shoes!!!! Would definitely love to have any pair!!! <3 Followed you :)

Lorena ha detto...

Love Jimmy Choo shoes!

Laura ha detto...

thank you so much for visit my blog, i follow you too!, i love Jimmy Choo !
kisses !

The PvdH Journal ha detto...

Oh I love Jimmy's as well! And I agree, the fall campaign is absolutely delish!


modemoda ha detto...


Kimberly ha detto...

Hey !
I've been dreaming about Jimmy's too, my favorite is that brown boot in the first pic :)

Ellie ha detto...

Jimmy Choo is so amazing. Love the purple pair!


Silvia Negretti ha detto...

Guarda le Jimmy Choo sono scarpe fichissime, anche io me le sognavo, poi sono andata al negozio ( i miei me le avrebbero regalate per il compleanno) e ne ho provate un paio bellissime, altissime, scomodissime... è stata un'iniezione di realtà, non me le sarei mai messe!
un bacio!


Andrea ha detto...

wow fabulous shoes :) i want them all haha :D

Unknown ha detto...

Definitely follow you back sweety, love the blog and think its very inspiring and nice! Thank you for a lovely comment and a follow xoxo <3

Julia ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Julia ha detto...

I want a pair of the last leather boots! They are amazing! As your blog, I love it! thanks for your comment in mine! I follow you! Kisses

Prissy Mum ha detto...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am following back!! :)

Denise Pacurar ha detto...

Hey hun! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I am following you back!!!

xoxo Denise

Shelley ha detto...

Ciao Bella,

Love the Jimmy Choo ankle boots for the fall/winter collection WOW.. they look beautiful, but then again.. I love them all and would love to have anything in the collection.. ha ha... "A Girl Can Dream!!" You are right!! HA HA. ;)

Have a great weekend Bella!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Jeanie ha detto...

jimmy choo's are to die for!

Once Upon A Time... ha detto...

these shoes are fantastic especially the last one!

jos xx

SandM ha detto...

Nice shoes!:)
Take care x ♥

Unknown ha detto...

Grazie per essere passata da me ! spero di rivederti presto!
anch'io mi aggiungo tra i tuoi follower!

Ramona ha detto...

Oh, these are so amazing photo selections. Yeah, I wouldn't mind to have some of these babies in my wardrobe.

Thank You for following me. Now I'm following You back!

xoxo Ra

Megan Elizabeth Rose ha detto...

I am always dreaming about Jimmy Choos :)


Anoush-K ha detto...


Busita4fashion ha detto...

OMG I LOOOOOOVE THOSE SHOES! THEY'RE SO CUTE, I LOVE THEM. & I like your blog, followed! :) xoxo

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