martedì 8 maggio 2012

New arrivals: H&M Spring/Summer bags

Hi lovelies,
today H&M fashion news!!
I'm thinking to take a look at H&MSpring /Summer 2012 bags collection;)
It's time to shopping low cost:))))
Are you ready?
You can find bags of all types with a low price:clutches,pochettes,shopper,handbags and shoulder bags
Certainly the quality of them is not always excellent,but they are so colorful and on-trend!
What kind of bags do you usually wear?
I love especially handbags and clutches for evening events
What are the bags that I've already bought(without breaking the bank!) ?!!
Here are! 

Ciao carissime,
oggi H&M fashion news!!
In particolare sto pensando di dare un'occhiata alla nuova collezione di borse di H&M;)
E' il momento di fare un po' di sano shopping low cost:))) Cosa ne dite?;)
Siete pronte?
Potete trovare per la nuova stagione borse di tutti i tipi ad un prezzo veramente eccezionale:)
Certo la loro qualità  non si può dire che sia sempre eccellente
ma sono coloratissime e alla moda!
Che tipo di borsa preferite portare di solito? 
Io adoro soprattutto le borse da portare mano e le clutches per gli eventi serali
Ma veniamo alla domanda fatidica...:)
Quali borse di questa collezione ho già acquistato,senza intaccare troppo il mio budget?!!
Eccole qui!!

 Last but not least I bought also this canvas bag with a printed pattern,mint green color:
Ultima ma non ultima ho comprato anche questa borsa in  tela con motivo stampato verde menta :

Here below some other bags of this collection:
Qui sotto le immagini di altre borse di questa collezione: 

Have a great Tuesday,lovelies:)
See you tomorrow!

27 commenti:

Victória ha detto...

Love everything, especially the clutches, they are just amazing!

Fashionably Geeked ha detto...

Love these. My favorite is the pink clutch. Gorgeous!

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the creation of beauty is art. ha detto...

There are just so many gorgeous bags!

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

Love the first clutch.

inextenso ha detto...

oh! the blue one is perfect for the beach <3 love it!

Soph. ha detto...

THese are beautiful. I love H&M wish we had it here in Aus!!

Xox Soph

Glamorous Life

Siena in Style ha detto...

great selection!
kisses from prague

Ann ha detto...

Oh I so want them all!

Ifrah Yousuf ha detto...

I love them!

Isabella ha detto...

This is gorgeous! Would you like to follow each other? xo

Tamara Emilia ha detto...

hey Mary :)
thank you so much for your nice comment at my blog <3
i'm following yours too with GFC :)))

Unknown ha detto...

This collection is beautiful! I love the printed canvas bags! <3


Rachel ha detto...

I have just been looking around your blog and I love your style! I would love it if you could come and look at my blog and maybe we could follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook! Xx

Always Maylee ha detto...

I pretty much want all of those bags!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Unknown ha detto...

verry nice bags!Thank you for commnet on my blog!I follow you to!

dimitri ha detto...

Everything is so pretty and i love these colors.
Those bags are very stylish. It's a great collection.

FixerSis ha detto...

Sorry about being so late, we have been a little busy :S
Of course we are following you now, really inspirign blog!
Thank you so much for following us :)
Hope to keep in touch!

pjyunn ha detto...

Nice blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I love the first purse.
I followed you, I hope you follow back

Unknown ha detto...

Hey what a great blog and article.

I can now bring this great news on my Danish blog for Bag fashion for my Danish readers.

We are all big fans of H&M cause of the fashion style and cheap prices.

Thank you, have a good day - Anne-Marie


Anonimo ha detto...

Since I have not enough hands to take care of the kids, I love the crossover body bags...they are truly amazing! Thank you for sharing this with us!


Stephanie ha detto...

Hi Mary, obrigada pela visita e pelo carinho em me seguir, amei :D
Vim conhecer aqui e adorei conhecer seu cantinho, cheio de dicas legais e coisas lindas!!
Já estou te seguindo tb ^^

Lindas as bolsas, minhas preferidas foram as clutches e as bolsas de mão, uau!!!

Apareça sempre, será muito bem vinda :)

Unknown ha detto...

I love thoe bags and purses!!! I would love those on pic number 1 and 4 but it is not available in my country:( Following you! :)

Sara ha detto...

wow love those my bags my fav by far is that of 4th one down

Di Costa ha detto...

Love all of them :D

I think its a good idea following each other. i'm already following u :D

Anonimo ha detto...

Those are so cute! I love it!

tres chic chica ha detto...

These are beautiful bags! Can't wait to pick some up ;)

xo Marie

kakuidori ha detto...

bags *_* we can never have enough, right? some really pretty ones you have here!

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