domenica 28 agosto 2011

Shopping low cost with Sasha and Karlie

Hi lovelies,
you know,I love wearing hats and when I saw this one , it was love at first sight!! So cute!!
I want it !!
BTW,today I decided to see with you some pieces of  H&M autumn winter 2012 collection .
First of all  I want to show the clothes that I'm going to buy and then I want to know what you,lovelies, will buy!:)  .....Because ,I know, you too will be tempted by some piece of this collection!!
Today, our models will be the beautiful Sasha and Karlie;)))

So I definitely want to even these gloves and these shoes..!!;)

I wanto also this wonderful cape!

I totally love this outfit! I already see myself wearing this look this fall;)))
I love especially the skirt and the boots!!
Sasha, thanks for your help!
Now we can call Karlie;)

First of all I need this green parka with fur hood
and then this always-classic camel coat!
  I totally love  this outfit!These pants and these shoes are fab!!;)
I want also  this warm sweater.I love the color!!! 

I admit,lovelies,I am in love with this dress! Too cute!!Definitely buy it:)

Now I show you my favorite evening looks: so sexy and feminine;))

Will you add any pieces to your collection ,when these clothes will be in H&M stores ?
I guess I'm not the only one dreaming these autumnal clothes,isn't?
I wish a fab Sunday and and a good start of week,lovelies!
See you soon

martedì 23 agosto 2011

Fashion break: feel like an ice cream, a cupcake ,a burger or popcorn?

Hi lovelies,
now it's time for a fashion break;))
Feel like an ice cream,a cupcake,a burger?
No worries! Today this food is delicious but calorie-free because was handmade by a great creative!
Just for your eyes;))
It' the delectable foods collection of Ed Bing Lee.So cute that seem to be real. So real that you would like to bite them!
They are made with synthetic ribbon,metallic threads,raffia and... a unbelievable attention to details!
They seem hooked,sewn or knitted. Instead they are weaved.
The simple weaving threads can create artworks,lovelies!

So....feel like an ice cream cone?
Which flavor? 

Or coffee and chocolate?

Do you prefer a cup ice cream  with whipped cream and a cherry on top  ?

But if you love cupcakes here's what you need !!:)

Feel like a slice of cake?... You just have to choose...

But if you want something salty and not sweet...
...what about a cheeseburger? 

 ...or a hot dog?

Feel like popcorn?

 I must confess : after seeing these delicious I feel like to eat something sweet ..althought with calories:))))
And you? What do you feel like?
 Do you prefer something salty or something sweet? 
See you soo,lovelies!

P.s I just posted this video about this amazing creative, if you want to see it!

sabato 20 agosto 2011

Do you like Hermès scarves? Instructions for use

Hi lovelies,
today I want to tell you about Hermès scarf knotting cards!
It's 21 cards with detailed picture illustrations of how to knot the 90cm.carre scarf on one side and the picture of model wearing the scarf on the other side.
I'm sure lovelies you will love it!!!
These are such beautiful illustrations, so easy to follow;)))
I think especially the shirt and bag ideas are awesome!

Wow! I didn't know that I can make a bag with a scarf! Can't wait to try!!

I totally love the scarf you can wear as a top!
I think a silk scarf knotted as a top is so cool!!!
What do you think?

......And what about  this mini cape? So cuteeee!!

So here are many other ideas for you to look super chic and fashionable!


I really like also the head scarf look! It's a cute summer look :)

I had no idea that Hermès had made these scarf knotting instruction cards! But I admit, it was a great idea because after you’ve finally spent $385 on the fabulous Hermès scarf, you wonder "How many ways can I wear it ?;)))"
 However,I'll try many of these ideas :)
........but unfortunately without the Hermès scarf ..for now;)
Now lovelies, get your scarves out;))

mercoledì 17 agosto 2011

Have you been dreaming of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes ?

Hi lovelies,
have you been dreaming of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes?;)
I don't know about you, so did I ;)
It's  Jimmy Choo shoes that I've been dreaming of even more these days!Don't know why!
I thought "It will be a Midsummer Night's dream ".... but even this excuse is not good:)))
Unfortunately we are already in mid-August ! ;)
(Omg!I'm not ready for the end of summer yet!!)
The fault is that I have seen pictures of the advertising campaign for autumn winter 2011-2012 and it was love at first sight!!;))
Jimmy Choo Shoes are very expensive! It's difficult for the ordinary people to buy these amazing shoes, sometime is impossible,but dreaming is not expensive and then you never know ...
Btw,I totally love the ankle boots in the photo up here!
Now I want to show you the pictures of that amazing collection:
these shoes are sexy and glamorous and they add instant style to the simplest of outfits!!!
Ciao carissime,avete mai sognato di possedere un paio di scarpe di Jimmy Choo?;)
Non so voi, ma io sì ;)
E ancora di più,non so perché, in questi giorni !
Ho pensato: "Sarà solo il sogno di una notte di mezza estate" non è una buona scusa :)))
Sfortunatamente siamo già oltre la metà di Agosto!:)
(Omg!Io,ragazze,non sono ancora pronta a vedere finire l'estate!)
La colpa,secondo me, è che ho visto le foto della campagna pubblicitaria per la collezione autunno inverno 2011-2012 ed è stato amore a prima vista!!;)
Le scarpe di Jimmy Choo sono molto costose. E' difficile per noi comuni mortali riuscire a comprare queste fantastiche scarpe,se non impossibile,ma sognare non è costoso e poi non si sa mai....
Comunque vi dico subito che adoro gli stivaletti nella foto qui sopra!
Ora voglio mostrarvi alcune immagini di questa meravigliosa collezione:

I admit,I love also the boots of that collection!
Lo ammetto,adoro anche gli stivali di questa collezione!

I really like these boots below but I don't love the posing in this picture! Too aggressive!
We are not so bad wiht men!!!;)))) At least not always!!!;)))What do you think?

Mi piacciono soprattutto gli stivali nella foto qui sotto, ma non adoro la posa!Troppo aggressiva!
Noi non siamo così cattive con gli uomini!!!!;))) Almeno non sempre!! ;)) Che ne dite?

I leave you wiht the picture of these stunning high heel shoes !
 These shoes, known as Kiln, are precious and romantic,adorned with exquisite crystals!!Perfect for evening glamour if you have $1995.00;))))
However the important thing is that Jimmy Choo continues to make models of our dreams :)

Vi lascio con l'immagine di queste favolose scarpe con un tacco vertiginoso di ben 15 cm,conosciute come Kiln,perfette per una serata glamour se avete a disposizione $1995.00;))))
Comunque,ragazze,la cosa importante è che Jimmy Choo continui a creare i modelli dei nostri sogni :) 

See you soon,lovelies!
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