sabato 14 gennaio 2012

Emerald green shopping - Zara bowling bag and other things

Hi lovelies,
yesterday I had a green inspiration and I bought on sale a few things of this color!
I got the desire to try wearing a color different from my super favorites! As you know, I absolute love the purple and lilac!
Btw I admit ,I am satisfied with my purchases;) I have to share them with you!!
It was love at first sight with this mini bowling bag by Zara. It was also available in black ,but I was very attracted to this one in emerald green !
Ciao carissime,
ieri sono stata presa da un'ispirazione verde e ho comprato un pò di cose di questo colore!
Vi dico la verità, ho sempre desiderato provare a indossare dei colori differenti dai miei preferiti però, come sapete,adoro il lilla e il viola nelle varie sfumature e tutte le volte finisce sempre che i miei acquisti sono di quei colori :)))
Comunque ,lo ammetto, sono molto soddisfatta di questi ultimi acquisti e volevo condividerli con voi!
E' stato un amore a prima vista con questa borsa di Zara. Era anche disponibile in nero,ma sono stata attratta da questa in verde smeraldo:    

So I could not resist this warm faux fur scarf ;)
Non ho potuto resistere e ho acquistato anche questo:) 

I also bought this green poncho by  OVS industry:
Ho anche comprato questo poncho verde di OVS:

 Finally... could not miss in my vanity case a touch of green makeup:)
Infine non poteva mancare nel mio beauty  un tocco di verde:)

I bought this nail polish and this eye shadow BB by Limoni ,Official Make Up in  Milan Fashion Week:
Ho comprato questo smalto e questo ombretto del brand BB di Limoni, make up officiale nella settimana della moda a Milano:  

Ummm...About green things ... I want show you a preview of one of the gifts that I received from Marcella of "Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda" for the Christmas swap! I love this brooch:)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ummm..a proposito di cose verdi...voglio mostravi uno dei regali che ho ricevuto da Marcella di Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda per il Christmas swap!Adoro questa spilla:)

 Which of you is a lover of the color green?
 Have a great weekend,lovelies! 
See you Monday:)
Chi di voi è un' amante del colore verde?
Buon weekend a tutti!
Ci vediamo Lunedì:)

56 commenti:

Art Anna ha detto...

I love green;)

Mikimoto Angel ha detto...

I love moss green a lot. Reminds me of army clothes. I love that bag by the way. I hope to see you in my blog. :-)

Much love from Mystic Nymph.

Talitha ha detto...

Love everything! I actually got a gorgeous green dress from the thrift store today :) Was do proud hehe.

I love the handbag the best!

Talitha xx

inmyhansonshirt ha detto...

Emerald is such a lovely colour! That bag is gorgeous!

Girlie Blogger ha detto...

Nice color. Rich and lush. The bag is roomy and cute.

Irene Buffa ha detto...

love the bag!!!!

Iida ha detto...

Love that bag! The colour isn't bad at all. :)

caise ha detto...

nice green purchases :D I'm not a big fan of this color but this bag is gorgeous
I would prefer it in black

chiara guadagnini ha detto...

I'm green of envy! ahhahaha


SymbioticLife ha detto...

I truly love all the greens. I think it will look lovely blending them all. I wish I could wear more greens. I have olive skin so I just end up looking sallow if I were them most of the time. I also love the idea of green and lilac or purple.

Virgi ha detto...

The nail polish and the Zara's bag are fantstic!!!

Iza ha detto...

Lovely bag :)

Cristina ha detto...

La borsa di Zara è proprio carina!

dimitri ha detto...

Nice color. I really like the bag. So lovely.

zrno radosti ha detto...

uuu, nice shopping! :)

Moda ha detto...


Baci Marcella

Lynn ha detto...

Everything is gorgeous!! Love the brooch!


The Tiny Closet ha detto...

I love this color!! Perfect choices!

WearAbouts ha detto...

LOVE all the green! <3
thanks for your comment on my blog :) I follow you now! follow back? :D

eye_spy ha detto...

great post!
now a follower of your lovely blog :)

follow back?

eye_spy ha detto...

thanks so much for your follow!
i'm not sure how to follow your blog, if you give me a link i'll be more than happy to follow you xx


just me ha detto...

so many beautiful green things. i love green :) thanks for stopping by my blog, and YES i follow you :) wait for you

Francesca R ha detto...

Che bella anche la spilla che ti ha regalato marcella! Mi piacciono tutte le cose che hai preso, la borsa e' uno spettacolo! Buon anno anche a te!

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto ha detto...

Maryyyyyy buon 2012 :-) bellissima la borsa!!
come stai?? :-) spero di essere a Milano e di rincontrarti per la FW!!

Mademoiselle ha detto...

thx for your comment :)
i like the green bag and your nail polish..
great post...!
hope you follow me back ..
have a nice day..<3

Anonimo ha detto...

Love that bag!

GLAMOURMOES ha detto...

Great purchases! I love the bag!

chicapink ha detto...

Io sono una grande fan del verde, quindi non posso che approvare lo shopping! bella belal al borsa di zara!

Marzena ha detto...

Nice bag and eyeshadow ! :D Of course We Can follow each other ! ALREADY HAVE DONE IT ! Kiss <3

AndréiaFSalim ha detto...

Your blog is always so wonderful !!!:))
I loved this post !!!;)

A great weekend!

NYorker@heart ha detto...

nice blog! following you now on bloglovin :)

Aida ha detto...

I absolutely love this color, and the bag... wow!!

Anonimo ha detto...

I love that bag! Emerald green is one of my favourite colours at the moment <3

Sarah Lewis ha detto...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I would love to follow each other, I am following you now, hope you'll follow back !



Fede ha detto...

quante cosine carine, mi piace molto la sciarpa di pelo ed il bauletto

caise ha detto...

yeah I just started following you on Bloglovin as well;)

Iza ha detto...

Thank You :) I follow you :) You will follow me?

Re_becah ha detto...

This color is sooo beautiful!
I loved the chosen pictures!
I wish a wonderful year! With blessings and happiness :))


artichoke heart ha detto...

cute blog xx want to follow each other?

Hanna ha detto...

That's so cute! I love the bowling bag! :)

Tea Joeli ha detto...

Great blog, love the pics:)
Kisses from New York!

Fabrizia ha detto...

Una tonalità di verde davvero fantastica, bellissimo l'ombretto ed anche la borsa!

Passa presto a trovarmi, ti aspetto!!
Cosa mi metto???

modelovers ha detto...

All the green looks perfect!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog:!

I would love to follow you! You too? :)


Lyosha ha detto...

lovely shades of emerald! bag is the best for me!

wanna follow each other?

Inside and Outside Blog

nuria ha detto...

Que bonito todo...

Un saludo

anz ha detto...

This bag is fantastic. And I want this poncho!!

Audrey ha detto...

Adoro il verde!!
stupenda la borsa

Steffy ha detto...

adoro il verde! specialmente quello brillante e acido... baci.

Carolzinha ha detto...

Hi lovely, sorry for my delay, but I've just arrived from Foz do Iguaçu, a beautiful place near Paraguai and Argentina and I took the opportunite to visit them too. I was so glad to arrive home and find a package from you....Thanks a lot for the gifts, I really loved them. Please send me you adress by email, so that I'll send you a special Brazilian gift this weel.

Raquel ha detto...

Love the bag, it has my favorite shade of green.

Claire D. T ha detto...

I definitely LOVE this colour!! :)


Leslie Quiros ha detto...

love the handbag and poncho!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. Loving your blog and style girl and of course I would be happy to follow you on GFC and Bloglovin :) hope we can follow each other!

Camilla ha detto...

Mi piace tanta la borsa di Zara!
Complimenti con il tuo shopping ;)


Patti Graveley ha detto...

looooove this post, full of inspiration to renew our houseees!!

allie ha detto...

love dark emerald green colors. that eyeshadow looks gorgeous. you've got a lovely blog. following you now!

Iulia Ocheanu ha detto...

i already have this nice..confortable, easy to wear with another colours

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