martedì 20 settembre 2011

I will be your personal reporter from Milan Fashion Week !

 Hi lovelies,
I will be in these days your personal reporter from Milan Fashion Week!!
I arrived in Milan today because tomorrow morning I will attend the first catwalk show. I can't wait!
But now I want to tell you of this day- before the start of Milan fashion week;))
I arrived at 2pm and till late at night I did a lot of things;))

   Omg!!I just got off the train and in front of me is a showcase full of Armani bags !!!

Here I am in front of the cathedral:

 I love these Louis Vuitton showcases :so cute and funny !!!! And I love the color of second bag!


I saw the preparations for setting up booth of the official sponsors in Piazza dei Mercanti :

At the side of the cathedral were running to mount the tent for upcoming catwalk shows!

  I made a short stop at Ladurée to try some other type of macarons: strawberry and mint, melon and green apple.I admit, my favorites are the classic flavors, pistachio and caramel.
However, I recommend to the licorice lovers like me to try to taste them!Fab!

I could not resist the temptation to buy a pink shopping bag:)))

The latest type of Ladurée box:

I stopped for a drink at the Straf bar where there was a band playing live
 The buffet was great and so delicious;)

I was present at the cocktail event by Sisley: even here there was live music!
They gave me a present: a nice t-shirt:)

Last stop at California Bakery for a warm tea and a slice of cake !!
 My favorite tea flavor:


All for now, I'm a little tired 
I'll see you tomorrow night to the news of the day

21 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Amazing pictures! Lovvvvveeeeed.

Rimi ha detto...

looks amazing!

Gertrude ha detto...

So lucky!!! I was there last February! Love that place x

Fashionista ha detto...

So lucky! Amazing photos!

lapetiteblonde ha detto...

que envidia y que suerte!!=)
se ve todo muy bonito!
un besillo=)

Fabrizia Spinelli ha detto...

Bellissime queste foto a Milano, ti sarai sicuramente divertita un sacco! Passa a trovarmi, ti aspetto!

Cosa mi metto???

Giulia ha detto...

ma che bello!

Emidio Cesetti ha detto...


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Jane Alisa ha detto...

Amazing pictures, Milan looks so beautiful xoxo

Mihaela ha detto...

great photos!

my blog-follow me♥mfashionfreak

Laura ha detto...

Great pictures!!
i love Ladurée !

Non si dice piacere - La moda passa, lo stile resta ha detto...

credo che tu sia riuscita a vedere alcuni posti "chiave" di Milano. spero ti sia piaciuta

Amber ha detto...

wow that was one busy day. looking forward to more fashion week posts.

FOLLOWPIX ha detto...

Mary che splendida prima giornata!! Ti invidio!! :-) Io arrivo domenica mattina presto che vado da Marni anche! tu ci sarai da Marni??

Un bacione cara!!

Julie Ann Lozada ha detto...

lovely photos!

Ps: i'm inviting you to my first ever giveaway
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Blog da Reh ha detto...

i loved the post! My husband has already gone there!


tell yourself to be myself ha detto...

That was a lovely post of your day~ thanks for sharing, earl gray is also one of my favourite flavours yum xoxo

Iida ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Iida ha detto...

I'm SO jealous! Your trip looks cool. I want to visit Milan some day. Have a fab fashion week!

xx, Iida :)

Redischic ha detto...

divertiti anche per me!


Unknown ha detto...

greattt!!! i cant wait to see your posts!!!

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