mercoledì 7 settembre 2011

Are you ready for the Vogue Fashion's Night Out? Etro + Ramazzotti & more

Are you ready,lovelies,for the Vogue Fashion's Night Out?
I admit,I'm ready,more than ready for the Vogue fashion's night..... in Milan and then in Rome!!!
Are you ready to buy something special? So am I ;)))
It will be difficult to choose among the many proposals of the various brands!!

Among the press releases I received ,I found very nice the proposal of Etro:  9 Smiling Paisley T-shirts depicting the flags of each country in which will be VFNO! So cuteee!

The Paisley, symbol of this maison, now comes to life and turns into an animated character who smiles in the world and life,bringing with him a message of brotherhood and solidarity.The proceeds of the t-shirt will be donated to charity.
In this long night Etro will be accompanied by Amaro Ramazzotti,who will propose us his special long drink Ramatonic,composed of a part of Amaro Ramazzotti,4 of tonic water,ice and orange.
mmmm ... you feel like a good drink?

Anyway,you know,I love Chanel and above all  the Chanel nail polish... how can I resist the temptation to buy  on September 8 the new colors Les Jeans? Blue rebel looks so cuteee!!

Now I leave you wiht the cast of Glee performing "Fashion" by David Bowie in their Fashion Night Out 2011 music video for Vogue.
This music video was shot while the Glee cast was in London .

Have a fabulous fashion's night,lovelies!! 
A special greeting to Milena to keep me up to date on fashion events!
See you soon

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Clara Turbay ha detto...

I ´d wish to be there.

Iida ha detto...

What a pitty that I don't live in Italy. There is nothing like that in Finland. But have fun! :)

xx, Iida

caise ha detto...

I wish I was there :-(

oh those nail polish are amazing!

Elena Leder ha detto...

really nice video!

new post on my blog!

notsoChiara ha detto...

So not ready!!
Tons of exams to study for....


FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto ha detto...

Ciao Mary, vorrei venire anche io a Milano domani dopo l'esame ma non saprei dove dormire :-(:-( vabbe! Che bello il video!! Io adoro Glee :D

caise ha detto...

I have an award for you on my blog! :-)

FashionFreak/Mihaela ha detto...

lovely :D

my blog♥mfashionfreak

Carolzinha ha detto...

I wish I were in Italy. have fun!

Lulù ha detto...

Ciao Bella
Non sono riuscita a inviarti l'email (piccoli problemi di pc)
Comunque la mia email la puoi trovare sul mio profilo =D

re_becah ha detto...

q top as fotos! nossa vogue é topp


Tara ha detto...

I love that video :D


Andrea ha detto...

i wish i could be there :)

Fashionthroughtravel ha detto...

Fashion Night Out is going to be so cool, too bad I'm missing out on all the fun this year :(
Blue Boy is a gorgeous shade!
Thanks for following me, I'm also following you from now on!

Creando mi armario ha detto...

Sure was a great night !, I hope you enjoy !

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto ha detto...

Mary, ma certo che mi piacerebbe incontrarti! molto volentieri :-) Ti guiderei per i punti più belli di Genova :-)
Per Milano, spero di riuscire a trovare qualche invito, ma se così non fosse potresti riferirmi se conosci eventi inaugurazioni o sfilate libere/all'aria aperta a cui magari potrei/potremmo andare assieme?? :-)
Mi piacerebbe venire a milano almeno un giorno di quella settimana!!!! :-):-)


Holly ha detto...

It looks like it is going to be a blast can't wait to see what you end up getting!

sharon vuitton ha detto...

lovee the flag t shirts!! :)

Wida ha detto...

I'd do anything to be at the big FNO!!!!! Especially in NY, London, and Milan!!! I so very badly want to meet Chiara!

Missing Amsie Blog

Chococcuro ha detto...

woww if I could I would love to go to an event like this D:

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto ha detto...

Nuovo pots Mary! divertita ieri sera???

le sorelle ha detto...

I wish I had gone to some of the amazing events last night! I had school realllyyy early this morning though, so I couldn't! I love that Chanel nail polish, too - especially the light blue one!

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

sorelle in style

Mădiii ha detto...

you girl are so lucky! <3
have fun!!

The Indie Chase Blog

Mariana Machado ha detto...

Hi, Mary. Thanks for your visit.
OMG, Fashion night's out. I'm so jealous. HAHA' kidding. Enjoy it.
I loooved the video. Glee cast is so gorgeous.
Your blog is great. I'm following.

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto ha detto...

Mary!! grazie per avermi trovato il nome della canzone nel video chanel parade :-) la adoro!!


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