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Which outfit do you prefer?

Hi lovelies,
today I want to talk about an amazing iniziative launched by Miss Italia .
What is this iniziative?
Some fashion bloggers and I, we were called as to give our opinion about the outfits of some Misses.
Every week I will receive the pictures of three outfits chosen  by the girls who have won an award during the last edition for Miss Italy : so I'll have to choose my favorite look.
What are the outfits selected for this first week?
Here are:

Ciao carissime,
oggi voglio parlarvi di una speciale iniziativa promossa da Miss Italia
In cosa consiste questa iniziativa???
Alcune fashion bloggers ed io siamo state chiamate in causa a dare la nostra opinione riguardo gli outfits di alcune Miss.
Ogni settimana riceverò le foto di tre outfits indossati dalle Miss che hanno vinto un titolo durante l'ultima edizione di Miss Italia e dovrò scegliere il mio look preferito.
Quale sono gli outfit selezionati per questa prima settimana?
The first Miss left is Sophia Sergio,"Miss Peugeot" wearing a casual chic look; the second one is Alessia Cervelli,"Miss Miluna" wearing an outfit for an special evening event ;the third one is Maria Ludovica Perissinotto "Miss Eleganza Si è Lei" wearing a gypsy look!   
What is my favorite outfit?
I really like the look choose by Sophia : a look fresh,young,very easy to wear every day, simple but elegant at the same time. Since she is very tall ,I think perfect low-heel cuissards. I love the black-white look  that will be trendy  this spring/summer.

La prima Miss a sinistra è Sophia Sergio,"Miss Peugeot" che ha scelto di indossare un look casual chic;la seconda è Alessia Cervelli,"Miss Miluna"con un outfit pensato per una serata speciale;la terza è Maria Ludovica Perissinotto"Miss Eleganza Si è Lei" che ha scelto di proporsi in un look gypsy-hippy
Qual'è il mio outfit preferito?
Tra i tre outfits che mi hanno inviato la mia preferenza va senz'altro al look indossato da Sophia Sergio.
Perchè questa scelta?Perchè è un look molto portabile,facile da indossare tutti i giorni e molto adatto alla sua persona. Adoro il look bianco e nero che sarà molto trendy anche questa primavera estate.Ottima scelta anche per quanto riguarda la collana e i bracciali

And you.....which look do you prefer,lovelies?
E voi,quale look preferite?

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tres chic chica ha detto...

Thank you so much!! I'm sooo excited!!

Nieszka ha detto...

Sophia's look is my fav too!

fashion-meets-art ha detto...

sophia's look. so perfect. kisses to you and a great day.
maren anita

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TheMorgana1985 ha detto...

Io preferisco il look di Maria Ludovica Perisinotto

dimitri ha detto...

Sophia's look is my favorite too. I really like it.
Have a nice day.

Unknown ha detto...

I love Sophia's look too! Very stylish!

Unknown ha detto...

i actually like all of them..first one seems like going out with girls outfit, second one going out at night and third one casual shopping kinda outfit. i can't choose. :-)

Unknown ha detto...


Closet Fashionista ha detto...

Maria's outfit was my favorite, sooo pretty! Easy, breezy :)

S ha detto...

Hello dear! Thanks for the comment! Im following you now :)
Maybe you can teach me some italian :P


Leslie ha detto...

What a lovely blog you have and I'm happy to follow you back!

Lee Xiong ha detto...

Cute blog! Please come check out my blog! Maybe we can follow each other? Thanks.

Love, Lee

Prue5 ha detto...

Hey! I love Audrey Hepburn :)) Nice styling. I greet and thank you very much for your comments. :)

lucia m ha detto...


Clementine Beukering ha detto...

thank you for your sweet comment,
Your blog is very inspiring and I just Loooooove Tuscany <3 haha thank you for following me and i definitly follow you back!


Ewa Frontczak ha detto...

nice blog! :)
I like Alessia's stylization - very feminine :)
I follow You, thanks for visits :):*

Madeline ha detto...

I love Audrey Hepburn! ♥
You have a very nice blog! :D
You are beautiful ♥ ♥ ♥

Ilka von Torok ha detto...

Hi dear :)
Thanks for visiting my blog, I follow you!
You are so pretty!!!
xx Ilka

Marta. ha detto...

Super blog! : )

Fearless ha detto...

you are pretty :)

Akiko ha detto...

Such pretty girls and love their outfits! Love Sophia's look :) xo akiko

Vivi ha detto...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I´m happy! ;-)
Omg, this is absolutely gorgeous! Audrey Hepburn is my darling! ;-)
Your blog is great and cute, really nice!
Of course, I follow you too! :-*
Kisses from Vivi ;-*

Unknown ha detto...

yes, I think its a great idea :) so following you now baby! xx

Anonimo ha detto...

oh thanks for your lovely comment :) i like your blog.

Flávia Cremonese Bernardy ha detto...

I prefer the same you do ! :B
thanks for the comment my dear! of course we can follow each other :) i follow you via gfc and bloglovin! :)

LoveT. ha detto...

Thank you for the lovely Comment!
You habe a beautiful Blog ♡ ,sure i follow back :)

Baci baci :)

Seda ha detto...

thanks for your lovely comment :)
I follow you now ;)

Unknown ha detto...

I prefer the third one, cos i'm really fond of boho style.
Thank you for your sweet comment, I'm following you too now and looking forward to your next article

Unknown ha detto...

Thank you for so nice comment at my blog. :) And thank you for following my blog, I am happy because you like my blog! :)
I follow you now! :)

Claudia ha detto...

Thank you for your comment on my blog and for following it. Follow you now. :)

INÊS ALMEIDA ha detto...

you are so beautiful! i love your blog :)

Laura Mint ha detto...

Anche io preferisco il look di Sophia, semplice, ma ricercato e secondo me di molto buongusto!
A presto! :-)

inextenso ha detto...

I prefer Sophia's look! so cuteee! <3

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