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I'm in love with Lipstick Heel- Alberto Guardiani collection S/S 2012

You know the shoes are one of my passion!
Now I must confess to you that I'm in love of the lipstick heel by Alberto Guardiani, since it was launched last year
So cool and feminine;)
Then you can not imagine my joy when I was invited to the presentation of  new Guardiani collection for spring/ summer 2012,during the Milan Fashion Week!;)
I had to share it with you!!
First of all I want to thank Elisabeth  who showed me and explained the new collection so well!!
It was a pleasure to meet you!
Then I can't wait to show you a sneak preview of the photos I took for you,lovelies:)
Here they are!
Below the classic lipstick heel that you know:

... and the special pack "How do you feel today ? "
5 colored heels: absolute red, deep purple, electric blue, gold and luxury all-black.
5 colors to choose from  to express your personality and to change your look, whenever you feel like it, with a simple screw up / down

Dear followers,I have good news for you;))
Lipstick Heel takes on a new,daring and extremely elegant evening look for the SS 2012 collection!
For the first time ever,the iconic shoes of Guadiani house comes in a sensual mesh version.
The heel is highlighted by baguette-cut Swarovski sequins!!
What do you think?

 And what about these other models?

Below Lipstick heel in burlesque style:

Now I want to show you other amazing shoes of Guardiani collection S/S 2012
-Pin up style shoes-
This special collection is a tribute to the atmosphere of Saint Tropez in the 1950s, where the colours of the sea(white,blue and red) dominate the surrounds
I love  especially these sexy stiletto heels in Vichy fabric and double-sharped plateaus with nicely curved lines:

I admit,I love these shoes!!

Now here are the 1920s Art Déco shoes:
The interplay of shapes,lines and colours that are typical of art déco are the source of inspiration for this collection!
Do you like the polka dots,lovelies?

In perfect art-nouveau style the heels become sculptures consisting of two overlapping balls,a skilful combination of balance and proportion!!
I think it's a great idea!!

Then I want show you Gumball shoes collection:
luxury car rallies are the inspiration for the Gumball theme,resulting in a perfect mix of extra glam polished patent and sporty details
Shoes are decorated with braided two -colour leather,a clear reference to the chequered flag:

Heels become curvy,to recall the aerodynamic lines of racing cars, while a small ball is placed in the hollow arch of the heel,as a reminder of the gear lever used in old racing cars

Have a great weekend ,lovelies!
In the coming days I will speak of the great contest which Alberto Guardiani has just recently launched  in collaboration with the international magazine i-D for the search of a new  It-Shoe. (Contest launched during the "Cinderthriller party"to which I participated last Saturday )

See you soon

26 commenti:

Ann ha detto...

Hmmm... the lipstick heels are interesting,

although I'd go for the pin-up style and art deco shoes anytime... they look so lovely ♥

Fakhra's ha detto...

♥ ♥ ♥ lovely shoes, lipstick heels idea is mindblowing

Amparo ha detto...

Fantastic shoes!!!!


Duygu ha detto...

this is such a lovely post darling :) really great done :) - oh and not to forget I need your special support dear :)

please vote for me by liking my photo on this link:

that would mean so much to me :)) puss puss and huggs from

lapetiteblonde ha detto...

wow!!great collection!love them!
kisses and have a nice day=)

Adrien Loren ha detto...


the lipstick is so great!!!


Adrien Loren

Unknown ha detto...

Haha I'm not sure how I feel about the lipstick heels but the pinup style and art deco styles are really cute! Hope you had fun at Fashion Week!

Christina Perraki ha detto...

Hello Mary!
Could I have a pair of each and every shoe above! I like them so much I don't know which to choose.

FOLLOWPIX ha detto...

Ciao Mary!! me ne avevi parlato :-) Che forte lo special pack!! che idea :-D

Baci, ti aspetto su

ideassinvalija ha detto...

- Son re liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindos, re divertidos! Me encantan!

Jelisaveta Đukanović ha detto...

Beautiful! :))

Anonimo ha detto...


Can't belive!!! What is that shoes...?!
Tell me how was the Milan fashion week!!!!!
Look, next year i'm going too!!!

Ana ha detto...

love the ones with the lipstick!<3

Deppa ha detto...

I didn't know that about the lipstick-heel! is amazing! I would love to change the colors every day :)

See you cutie!
Have a nice day!

a ha detto...

Cute shoes! I really like the checkered/plaid ones! :)

xoxo Lindsey

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

I'm absolutely in love with all those shoes! They're fantastic!


Holly ha detto...

Lipstick High Heels???? So cool. I love it.
Fashion in the Fog: The Bluffs

Fashion-isha ha detto...

OMG I am drooling. This is eye candy...girl porn!! I love shoes as much as you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi. You are so lucky to have been in Milan!! One day I will get to your country!

Mimi ha detto...

i think the lipstick heel looks cool, but i am not so sure i would want to wear one. ;)

<3, Mimi
Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

Fabrizia Spinelli ha detto...

Totally adore the lipstick heels but I think they're a little bit difficult to wear and combinate! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Laura ha detto...

The lipstick shoes are very original !!
amazing shoes !!

Milica Lubardic ha detto...

wow, those were some killing shoes them!
it's very interesting post!

Clio ha detto...

loving those green polkadot heels

menina elegante ha detto...

The lipstick heel is super cute!! :) x

Gertrude ha detto...

These are all so stylish!! x

Unknown ha detto...

the lipstick heels i dont like, but the pin up ones where my favorites!! they are soooo cute!

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