sabato 31 dicembre 2011

Happy holidays to all of you lovelies! New Year's Eve in Venice

Hi lovelies,
I hope you spent a Merry Christmas and that Santa Claus has brought many gifts to all of you!
Sorry if I did not write many posts at this time but I know you understand me;)
I was totally immersed in the Christmas atmosphere;)  I can't wait to show you the gifts I've received and my  holidays outfits
Now I'm preparing to spend the New Year's Eve in Venice: I can't wait!So exciting!
 Party,dinner and then everybody in S.Marco Square for the Love 2012 night. !

Tonight the new Venetian way of celebrating New Year returns to Piazza San Marco: it will culminate in a vast, communal kiss to send a message of  love and peace to the world!
The music shows will be accompanied by a grand collective toast and ,at midnight, the marvelous fireworks show will light up New Year's Eve.
I just bought  the dress and all accessories: what color do you think I chose?
And you you spend the New Year's Eve ? What will you wear in this magical night?  Maybe some lovely dresses by H&M ?

Or maybe you will wear some gorgeous dresses by Mango?;)

Btw,this will be my last post of this year and I want to say Thanks to all of you,lovelies!
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments :)I'm really happy to meet some very special people like you  through my blog!
You are really wonderful !!!
I wish you a fabulous New Year!
A lot of kisses

martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Under the dress ...super glam tights! GoldenPoint inspiration

Hi lovelies,
Are you ready for Christmas?
Have you already bought all gifts?
At this time of year I'm always really busy as many of you, especially in the last minute purchases!
Shopping shopping and more shopping ; )
I'm a little tired but happy. You know, I love Christmas anyway!
First of all I want to tell you that I finally  found my Holidays dresses:)
I can't wait to show you!
Now I'm thinking that I should buy lingerie and  super glam tights for a perfect Xmas look
I love wearing pretty things under my clothes!It always makes me feel  really better and cuter
I think that a special dress should be made all the more special with lovely undergarments and trendy tights!
So I decided to take a look at Goldenpoint collections  and I found a great inspiration and many ideas:)
I have to share with you!
Here are some outfits that I love: then let me know what you think,lovelies;)

I wish you some beautiful days before Christmas and ... great purchases:)
See you soon

lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

I'm in love with Zara Evening Collection

Hi lovelies,
when I saw Zara evening collection it was love at first sight;)
So I thought I'd share with you that lookbook starring beautiful model Kasia Strauss  
I really like especially 4 outfits. So awesome and cool!!
Here they are:

Cari followers,
quando ho visto la Zara Evening Collection è stato subito amore a prima vista;))
Così ho pensato di condividere con voi questo lookbook interpretato dalla bella modella Kasia Strauss
Devo dirvi che mi sono piaciuti moltissimo soprattutto  quattro outfits.Così particolari e cool!!

Do you like these pieces?
Are you in love with any of them?;)
Now I want to show you also the other pictures of this trendy collection:

Vi piacciono questi capi?
Vi siete innamorate anche voi di qualcuno di loro?;)
Ora voglio mostrarvi anche le altre foto di questa collezione così trendy:

 I'm a little curious...  have  you already bought some pieces of this collection?
I wish you a fab start of week:)

Sono un pò curiosa...avete già comprato qualche pezzo di questa collezione?
Vi auguro intanto  un bellissimo inizio di settimana:)

lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Super trendy with Mango Holiday 2011 collection + The list of my Christmas swap partners

New Year is coming and as usual I have not  yet bought a dress to wear!
I wait always until the last minute:)
I have to find a great idea as soon as possible ; )
I'm thinking  maybe I could buy one of the flowing gowns that Anabela Belikova wears in the ad for Mango.
I'm in love with the red and purple dresses!!So gorgeous and feminine;)

Here are some pictures of  Mango Holiday collection:
some enchanting and romantic flowing dresses, rock chic clothes, menswear-inspired attires .
 Whatever your party style is, you can find some beautiful pieces!;)

What do you think?
Which of these pieces do you prefer?
Have you  already thought what to wear for the special night of 31 th December?
Maxi dresses,trousers,mini skirt???
I wish you a great start of week :)
P.s. My Chrystmas swap partners will be...
9) Jò

I can't wait to send and receive your gifts,lovelies:)
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