lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Super trendy with Mango Holiday 2011 collection + The list of my Christmas swap partners

New Year is coming and as usual I have not  yet bought a dress to wear!
I wait always until the last minute:)
I have to find a great idea as soon as possible ; )
I'm thinking  maybe I could buy one of the flowing gowns that Anabela Belikova wears in the ad for Mango.
I'm in love with the red and purple dresses!!So gorgeous and feminine;)

Here are some pictures of  Mango Holiday collection:
some enchanting and romantic flowing dresses, rock chic clothes, menswear-inspired attires .
 Whatever your party style is, you can find some beautiful pieces!;)

What do you think?
Which of these pieces do you prefer?
Have you  already thought what to wear for the special night of 31 th December?
Maxi dresses,trousers,mini skirt???
I wish you a great start of week :)
P.s. My Chrystmas swap partners will be...
9) Jò

I can't wait to send and receive your gifts,lovelies:)

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Teodora ha detto...

All of the outfits are very chic. It all depends on the event - formal vs club scene, etc. Do you know where you would spend the evening?


Unknown ha detto...

OH MY! I absolutely adore the first four or five dresses♥

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders ha detto...

Gorgeous. Especially that red dress.

The Tiny Closet ha detto...

Love all of the pieces, but my fav is the 2nd dress with the polka dots!!

the creation of beauty is art. ha detto...

All of these dresses are absolutely fantastic! Perfect for New Years!

Laura Corradi ha detto...

que deuses esses vestidos, amei!


Fashionista ha detto...

Fabulous dresses!!!!!!!

Unknown ha detto...

the red dress is amazing!!!! i would love to wear it!

Unknown ha detto...

Veramente molto belli gli abiti!!!
Devo passare a provarli


Aida ha detto...

Wow, so many beautiful things, the dresses are to die for!!

dimitri ha detto...

These dresses are absolutely beautiful.
Very elegant.
Lovely red dress.

Jenny ha detto...

I absolutely love Mango!!

Audrey ha detto...

Mi piace tantissimo questa collezione, dovrò proprio fare un giretto per negozi a breve...

Le Cose di Eva ha detto...

Evviva!!! Grazie Mari! Il mio primo swap!!!
Ma adesso che devo fare oltre a preparare i 3 regalini? Sono troppo curiosa!!!

P.s.: il mio preferito è il terz'ultimo, il gessato, lo trovo molto sensuale!

Non si dice piacere - La moda passa, lo stile resta ha detto...

mango ha, ultimamaente, la capacità di sorprendermi

rebbeca ha detto...

my fabs: The first, second and the last picture ;)


Claire D. T ha detto...

I prefer the first one :)

Carolzinha ha detto...

The red one is fab.

Love it.

Carolzinha ha detto...

I'm very excited I can't wait for our Xmas swap!


Amber ha detto...

that red dress gets my vote!

Eloise ha detto...

i'm loving the beige dress and the black lace ones! their beautiful!

caise ha detto...

I love Mango
beautiful collection


BrennaLu ha detto...

Do I spy glitter on that coat?! Love! xx

AndreiaSalim ha detto...

Lovely dresses !!!:)

Thank you for your comment on my blog:)
You are very kind!;)

A big kiss from Brazil!;)

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic ha detto...

Wow!! I love all the Mango looks!! The first is very chic!!
Thanks so much for commenting on my blog post. I just posted a new post late today!!
Hope you are having a wonderful evening!!!
Hugs!!! Shannon

Selvaggia Capizzi ha detto...

Mi piacciono tutti quindi non so decidere!! Io adoro i negramaro...mi sa che faccio un salto in piazza!!

Unknown ha detto...

Ti seguo sempre con piacere ed anche questo post mi piace,brava.
Passa a trovarmi, mi farebbe piacere un tuo parere al mio ultimo post..
Un saluto
Staff PIUSC!

letsbless ha detto...

love Mango's dresses <3
thanks for your comment:) I love my rings too, my boyfriend thinks that I have too much jewellery on my hands -but I don't think so:)

S A ® A ha detto...

Mango non mi ha mai convinta molto.. preferisco Zara e H&M :)
Se vuoi partecipa al concorso sul mio blog [invito rivolto anche a voi ragazze]!
Un caro saluto, Sara!!

Unknown ha detto...

I love the cuts of the dresses. The first one is my favourite.


signature mix ha detto...

Wow, Mango has some perfect New Year's looks. I think I'd go for the first outfit but I also love the black gown with the polka dot sleeves and a chic pant suit with a sparkly top could look amazing.

Qdrawczuk ha detto...

amazing photos <3

Nhi ha detto...

beautiful outfits, perfect for the festival-time:)


joshylola ha detto...

Love Mango clothes.Regards

F ha detto...

those first dresses are breathtaking!! so beautiful!
im loving your blog, your photos are amazing sweetie :)
would you like us to follow each other?


Hanna ha detto...

The dresses are beautiful!! I also wait till the last minute when I buy clothes for special events! Have a nice day! :)

Nuria ha detto...

Me gusta toda la colección, esta genial!

Un saludo

Unknown ha detto...

I really enjoined this post!!! very elegant long dress!!!

take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow!! keep in youch..kiss

Second Hand Rose ha detto...

You always have such gorgeous clothes on your blog! Very tempting! Shame I'm not in the Christmas exchange but I hope you get some lovely things! XxxX

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

I'm absolutely in love with the red dress!


Mandy@OrangeAutumn ha detto...

I love Mango, they have such great finds!! The red dress that you posted is fabulous! I'm having an accessory giveaway on my blog today. I hope you'll stop by and enter!

Un coup d'aile ha detto...

the second dress is very Stella McCartney and the red one.... amazing!!!

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi dear!
Mango are always great, is one of my favourite low-cost brand, and about your question, for me it´s dificult, i love every outfit!
I don´t have any dress for new year night, because i don´t know what will do :(
I´m happy to be selected for x-mas swap, so please, send me your adress to mi mail, and i´ll do the same :)

Unknown ha detto...

Hi darling!

Hope you will found the perfect dress! Those dresses from Mango are beautiful! I will place your button on my blog, would you like to do the same with mine?

Since GFC is going to stop, I would like to ask you to follow me with bloglovin'. Of course I will follow you back if I'm not already following you.


Elekon ha detto...

oh I want everything from this list, but that red dress looks smashing!

Ann ha detto...

I love the white dress..

Mimi ha detto...

mango's holiday collection is beautiful! i want that black long-sleeved maxi dress/gown! ;)

p.s. i have no idea what to wear for december 31st, but these are great sources of inspiration. :)

<3, Mimi
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Jiglycious ha detto...

amazing collection,
the red one is very gorgeous and feminin,
but my fave is black dress on the second pic,

love your blog
following you dear,
hope we can follow each other


Alice ha detto...

I've always loved Mango. My favorite piece is the black coat! :)

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