martedì 8 novembre 2011

Calzedonia new collection : the future is still pink

You know,lovelies,I really like Calzedonia collections and I admit... I'm definitely in love with the latest one !!
I  want to own everything in that collection! So beautiful ! I love how feminine it is.
I especially adore the socks and tights.
I would like show you my favorite pieces;)
Among the tights I think these ones are adorable! I love their blue color!

I really like also these polka dot tights!So sweet:)

I admit ,I absolutely love these tights below and in the first picture)
I can see me wearing them ;))
What do you think?
Btw,I just bought similar boots;)

Do you like  leopard print?
These tights are perfect for you;))

Do you love warm and soft angora wool?
You have to buy these ones!

Do you want to look sexy?
Here are  these ultra sexy stockings;)

As you know,I love the over- the- knee socks!
They will keep you warm but also makes you look fashionable

These knitted leg warmers look so warm!
I want them;)

I think these socks are so cool!!

Here are my favorite leggings of  Calzedonia  new collection:

Do you love snake print?
These ones are for you:))

Do you feel sexy today?
You can wear these leggings;)

Now ....I'm curious!
Which pieces do you prefer,lovelies?

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Veronica ha detto...

Wow, love the atmosphere in these photos. The detail in the leggings is beautiful! Thanks for posting!

xx Veronica

Joyce ha detto...

Love it! Especially the snakeskin ones :)

Mary ha detto...

@Veronica:thank you for stopping by and for you lovely email:you are so sweet.I'm very glad you follow my blog.
Yours is nice too:)
See you soon,dear
@Joyce:they are so cool!!;)

trishie ha detto...

Beautiful! My favourite is the lace piece.

Paula ha detto...

Love all the looks, so up my street!


Veronica Popoiacu ha detto...

wonderful inspiration !

TheSanctuary ha detto...

I love all of them. My fab is the leopard one. So sexy, buy still warm. Great post hun. Keep posting some more sun posts. I'm following you. Pls stay in touch. Here is mine.

Kisses from la

Girlie Blogger ha detto...

Oh definitely the tights! They are fabulous.

AndréiaFSalim ha detto...

Ciao Maria!
Guarda, ho amato tutto. Se dovessi scegliere una sola sarebbe molto difícel. Ma pensate di tutte le persone, piacerebbe avere il reddito e quelli che imitano in pelle.
Baci e un grande Martedì!


Hello Mary!
Look, I loved it all. If I had to choose just one it would be very difícel. But think of all people, would love to have the income and those that mimic leather.
Kisses and a great Tuesday!

when BABI speaks ha detto...

love the lace-up leggings! so pretty!


Mallory In New York ha detto...

Those tights.... I'm speechless. ;)

Mary ha detto...

@Trishie:hi dear,I'm so happy for you!
It's a very important moment of your life!
Thank you for stopping by:)
@Paula:thank you for your lovely comment!
@Veronica:thank you,dear!See you soon!
@The Sanctuary:the leopard print tights are so cool!;)

Gabi ha detto...

I love them all, are really cute.

Mary ha detto...

@Girlie Blogger:I absolutely prefer tights too,dear!See you soon:)
@AndréiaFSalim:hi dear,my favorite tights are in the first photo!Have a great day too:)
@When Baby speaks:thank you for stopping by!See you soon,dear!
@Mallory in New York:Hi lovely,thanks for your cute comment:)

Mary ha detto...

@Gabi:I admit,it's very difficult to choose!!!
I wish you a nice day,dear:)

Elegance by Elizabeth ha detto...

Sooooo pretty uggg....I want all of them!!!

Sidney Salim ha detto...

Omg! I love those thighs and knee high socks! the snake print legging is one of my favorites.
Pose Posh Post

inmyhansonshirt ha detto...

I am drooling over all of these cute tights!

Grace ha detto...

LOVE the first two! sooo cute.

but would definitely want them all!

Karen ha detto...

Love the polka dots and the ones with bows at the top! So cute! Great post :)

<3 Karen from

Adele ha detto...

I adore everything, but especially like the outfit in the 1st shot xoxo

Aretusa ha detto...

Each and everyone of them!!!

Camille ha detto...

the tight with a bow is sooo cute! love all of them specially the leg warmers! i looove leg warmers!

Aida ha detto...

They're all so beautiful, love it!!!

Virgit ha detto...

love the socks and leggins are so great and sophisticated dear thanks for sharing this

klepi ha detto...

I love all!

Stéphanie ha detto...

I adore ! Beautiful !

Mimma ♥ ha detto...

Ciao Mary!
Grazie per il tuo commento. Wowww che belle queste calze..c'è davvero l'imbarazzo della scelta da Calzedonia!!

1 bacio

...N's Life... ha detto...

the wool ones are great :)

dimitri ha detto...

I love everything. It's very stylish. These colors are great too.
Julia Stegner is so beautiful.

Mary ha detto...

@Elegance by Elizabeth:I would like them all too!!;)
@Sidney Salim:Hi lovely,I really like snake print leggings!So cool!
@Inmyhansonshirt:Even for me the choice is so difficult!See you soon dear!
@Grace:Thanks for stopping by,dear!!Have a great Tuesday:)
@Aretusa:già lo so che me ne comprerò di molti tipi;))Hai già utilizzato la gift card?

Alessandra Nido ha detto...

Bellissime ne ho già puntate un paio!


caise ha detto...

amazing collection!!!
I love those sexy stockings!:)

Mary ha detto...

@Karen:the polka dot tights are so adorable:)
Have a nice day,dear!
@Adele:you know,the first outfit is my favorite!;)
See you soon!
@Camille:they are so soft and warm!I love them:)
@Aida:hi lovely,thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment:)
@Virgit:thank you,dear!I would to buy all;))

Mary ha detto...

@Klepi:Hi dear,have a nice Tuesday:)See you soon!
@Stéphanie:thank you for stopping by,lovely:)
@Mimma:ogni volta che entro da Calzedonia per comprare un solo paio di calze ne esco fuori con 3 o 4!!;)))
@N's Life:I think they are so warm and soft!
I love them too!

Mary ha detto...

@Dimitri:thank you for stopping by! I admit, I love everything too;)It's difficult to choose!!
@Alessandra Nido:la scelta è veramente difficile;)Buon pomeriggio,cara:)
@Caise:hi lovely,how are you?Thank you for stopping by:)

Lynn ha detto...

I love the tights from Calzedonia, all of them.


Anonimo ha detto...

Hey Mary, thx for your sweet comment on my blog! You have such a lovely blog too, so I'm following you back! Love those knitted tights! Nice post!


Le Cose di Eva ha detto...

Devo proprio farci un salto! Le parigine grigie devono essere mie!!!

Giulia ha detto...

sono tutte splendide! se riuscissi a dimagrire un pò nelle gambe me le comprerei tutte :)

Dagna ha detto...

I like it ^^

look-scout ha detto...

Shame on me :) so done now here and on bloglovin!!! I love these pictures here, especially the surrounding where they took the pictures. love it:) Cant wait for your next post!!

Pop Champagne ha detto...

ohhh those leggings and tights are so dreamy!!

Mary ha detto...

@PopChampagne:Hi dear,I really love all them!!
See you soon;)
@Look-scout:thank you dear:)Also your blog is very cute;)
@Dagna:have a nice day,lovely:)
@Lynn:hi dear,the tights from Calzedonia are my favorite too:)
@Sanne:thank you,lovely!See you soon:)

Mary ha detto...

@Le cose di Eva:le avevo puntate anch'io quelle parigine;)Mi piacciono troppo:)
@Giulia:mi sa che dovrò fare una piccola selezione,perchè me ne piacciono tantissime;))

Amber Blue Bird ha detto...

those blue lace tights definently caught my eye. Such a pretty color.

Second Hand Rose ha detto...

Wow I absolutely love this collection! It is so girly, feminine and just looks really comfy!! I love all the tights and the leg warmers look gorgeous!XxxX

Jin ha detto...

Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting my blog today!! I'm following you back!! I love your blog!!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn ha detto...

I love all of the leggings, super cute!!

themaryanddyerblog ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Mary and Dyer ha detto...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I am now following you back! I love all of the socks and tights in this post. Such inspiration! Talk to you soon! xo

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris ha detto...

I always love Calzedonia but this collection is really the best ever!!

Mary ha detto...

@Amber Blue Bird:hi dear,I love that color too;)
@Second Hand Rose:thanks for your lovely comment:)I absolutely love this collection:)
@Jin:thank you,dear!See you soon;)

Mary ha detto...

@Mandy:thanks for stopping by!See you soon!
@Mary and Dyer:hi dear,thanks for following and for your lovely comment:)
@Monica:I totally love this collection too,dear:)

ItaliaCeleste ha detto...

Loving the leggings with the bows, and loving your blog! Following :-)

Mary ha detto...

@ItaliaCeleste:thank you,lovely!!The leggings with the bows are so cool;)I really like them!

Gianella Peralta ha detto...

I wish we have those too here! Especially the socks with ribbon and the snakeskin. Sexy and chic at the same time :) Following you now!

sofie wedderkopp ha detto...

Hey Mary!!
Thank you for the very sweet comment at my blog, is a pelsure to follow you. i like this collection a lot but i think that one of my favorite items is you know the grey half socks:-). I saw that you has been to a lot of fashion week.. OMG you are soooo lucky i wish it one day will be me, but anyway thanks agin for follow me :-)


Selli ha detto...

Voglio svaligiare Calzedonia!!! Dio, quelle calze col fiocco marrone... *.*

nuria ha detto...

Que bonitas todas las medias, cuanta variedad, para que no sea aburrido ponerse vestidos!

Gracias por pasarte por mi blog
Un saludo

Veronica ha detto...

Your blog is so awesome, dear! follow you now!
Come to visit my blog when you have time and if you like let's follow each other!

Fashionthroughtravel ha detto...

I was just looking for tights and I was thinking to go to Calzedonia! This post came at the right time :))
I love the blue tights, they're my absolute favorite of the collection! The grey over-the-knee socks are so cute, I'd see me wearing them on a cozy Sunday!

Car Hendrix ha detto...

Love the colours of the collection!
You have a nice blog,I love it..of course I follow you :) We can follow each other if you want

Pearly Girl ha detto...

I want all! <3

Bubi ha detto...

mi piacciono tutte! adoro i collant calzedonia!
Ti seguo, sono Bubi di

a presto!

Anna-Alina ha detto...

Your blog are so cool!
Cute clothes!

Anna-Alina ha detto...

I follow you!Follow me?

fhenny ha detto...

wow so many great patterns!
love all of them

style frontier

Mary ha detto...

@Gianella:thank you for stopping by and for following! Have a great day,dear:)
@Sofie:you are so sweet!I absolutely love this collection;)See you soon!
@Selli:anch'io quando entro dentro comprerei tutto o quasi;))
@Nuria:thank you for stopping by:)
@Veronica:hi lovely,I'm very glad you love my blog:)See you soon!

Mary ha detto...

@Fashionthroughtravel:hi dear,I'm very glad you really like my post;)I totally love the blue tights!
@CarHendrix:thank you for stopping by:)
See you soon!
@Pearly girl:I want all too;))Have a nice day,lovely:)

Mary ha detto...

@Bubi:è veramente difficile scegliere;))
@Anna-Alina:hi lovely,I'm very happy you love my blog!Have a great day!
@Fhenny:thank you for stopping by,dear!See you soon!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic ha detto...

LOVE everything!!!

Tasneem ha detto...

I'm loving every single piece!
Thanks for dropping by.. following you now. x

Mimi ha detto...

i am loving all the boots!!! i can't even choose one favorite. ;)

<3, Mimi

2minutos ha detto...

Wow! Love these tights! First one are soooo lovely!

I follow you right now, you have a great blog babe!


PINKY FASHION ha detto...

Very nice picks. thanks for the post ha detto...

wawwww very sexy socks :) i want every socks.

Donatella ha detto...

Bel blog :D
Ti seguo! Segui anche me se vuoi :)

Anonimo ha detto...

Love everything <3!

Greta Miliani ha detto...

Ciao! :)
Sul mio blog Jeffrey Campbell giveaway: vinci un paio di LITA

Our Youth ha detto...

Oh my, I love itttt! I especially love her hair :)

Polka Princess ha detto...

Oooh! Look at all that super-awesome hosiery!! <3

Krimly ha detto...

Ohh God! I can't choose!! there are so many!! Every tight is wonderful!

Mary ha detto...

@Style Diary of a fashion fanatic:hi dear,I love all too;)So cute collection!
@Tasneem:thank you for following!!See you soon!
@Mimi:hi lovely,thanks for your comment:)Have a great day!
@2 minutos:thank you,dear!I'm very glad you like my blog:)

Mary ha detto...

@pinky fashion:you are so sweet:)
Have a great day,dear:)
@Cerenim:they are so cool;)
@Donatella:grazie cara!Vengo volentieri a vedere il tuo blog!
@Mayaa:thank you for stopping by!!

Mary ha detto...

@Greta:ciao!Passerò a vedere il tuo giveaway!
@Our youth:thank you for stopping by!
@Polka princess:it's really awesome!
@Krimly:it's true!!It's so difficult to choose:)

ModeLana ha detto...

I love it! And I already have some tights from this collection.

XoXo, Lana

Fabrizia ha detto...

Mi piacciono da morire queste calze, in particolare quelle con il fiocchetto!
Passa a trovarmi!

Cosa mi metto???

frozenstylefrozen ha detto...

nice photos :)

Can you follow me? :) I can follow you, too :)

Blonde hair, Blue jeans ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Blonde hair, Blue jeans ha detto...

love the leopard-dots ones!

ady happyborn ha detto...

meravigliosi quelli pitonati. baci ady

gr.louiee ha detto...

I just adore all of this leggins and tights! :) I think that they are great add to the outfits! :)

Emma, Ella! ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Emma, Ella! ha detto...

I love the photos, gorgeous leggings an tights!!!
Thank you for the comment on my blog!!! Have a great day :)

xo Emma

Kearmonie ha detto...

Each and every one of these stockings are amazing! I love your blog. and thank you so much for showing love to my blog :)

Elena Leder ha detto...

Belle belle!!! Ciao e buon fine settimana,passa da me se ti va!


Marija Kostic ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
Marija Kostic ha detto...

Hello Mary, such agreat blog you have...I like it wery much....follow you...check out my blog...and follow me if you like... ha detto...

So sexi!!!!! So pretty!!!!

it-inspires-me ha detto...

i love nitted leg warmers!!! <3

come and visit my blog <3

Natasa ha detto...

Beautiful:) I love it:)

miss_fashionmix ha detto...

I love this collection, but it is pity I didn't see this brand in Shanghai:(

SymbioticLife ha detto...

It's so difficult to choose! I love the angora tights, the over the knee socks with bows and the leg warmers.

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