sabato 31 dicembre 2011

Happy holidays to all of you lovelies! New Year's Eve in Venice

Hi lovelies,
I hope you spent a Merry Christmas and that Santa Claus has brought many gifts to all of you!
Sorry if I did not write many posts at this time but I know you understand me;)
I was totally immersed in the Christmas atmosphere;)  I can't wait to show you the gifts I've received and my  holidays outfits
Now I'm preparing to spend the New Year's Eve in Venice: I can't wait!So exciting!
 Party,dinner and then everybody in S.Marco Square for the Love 2012 night. !

Tonight the new Venetian way of celebrating New Year returns to Piazza San Marco: it will culminate in a vast, communal kiss to send a message of  love and peace to the world!
The music shows will be accompanied by a grand collective toast and ,at midnight, the marvelous fireworks show will light up New Year's Eve.
I just bought  the dress and all accessories: what color do you think I chose?
And you you spend the New Year's Eve ? What will you wear in this magical night?  Maybe some lovely dresses by H&M ?

Or maybe you will wear some gorgeous dresses by Mango?;)

Btw,this will be my last post of this year and I want to say Thanks to all of you,lovelies!
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments :)I'm really happy to meet some very special people like you  through my blog!
You are really wonderful !!!
I wish you a fabulous New Year!
A lot of kisses

29 commenti:

The Big Apple Girl ha detto...

I love this post! :)

rohinie ha detto...

love the pictures...
Happy New Year!!!

do visit my blog:)

the creation of beauty is art. ha detto...

It looks absolutely lovely! Gorgeous photos - wish I had some of those dresses! Have a great New Year!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders ha detto...

New Year's Eve in Venis - sounds like a fantastic time. Have fun!

Unknown ha detto...

I have one of the H&M's dresses!
Happy New Year!

Sfizi e Sfarzi Moda ha detto...

Buona anno!!!

Ho apprezzato molto i tuoi regali..grazie!!!


Kamila G. ha detto...

Happy New Year from your follower ;)


Maja Mladenovic ha detto...

I love your blog! You have amazing ideas!
You should follow my blog, I always follow back! :)

caise ha detto...

happy new year!

kate ha detto...

i love the first dress by mango is wonderful!
and first by h&m - grey is also great ;)

xx, Kate

Emma Fox ha detto...

Have to reblog this - luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve it:)!

magnolia ha detto...

Pagherei per uno di quei vestiti di MAngoooo sta sera!!!

Che figo che vieni a Venezia, io abito proprio qui, ma non vado mai in piazza. E' troppo "turistico". Però ci saranno i fuochi quest'anno quindi sarà diverso dal solito!!Divertiti!!!

Passa per il mio giveaway per festeggiare fine anno!!

TheMorgana1985 ha detto...

Happy New Year!!!

Lynn / Melancora ha detto...

Happy New Year!! Feliz año Nuevo!!

xoxo. Bss.

dimitri ha detto...

These photos are so great.
I wish you all the best in 2012 and a Happy New Year !

Andreia ha detto...

Happy new year!!
Best wishes!

Carmen ha detto...

Happy 2012!!

FOLLOWPIX ha detto...

Mary buon annoooooo! :-D

trishie ha detto...

Happy new year my dear! Have a fab 2012.

Mónica ha detto...

me encantan las fotos!! son geniales ...

Harija ha detto...

Happy New Year 2012!

My Lyfe ; My Story

Non si dice piacere - La moda passa, lo stile resta ha detto...

ti auguro un 2012 frivolo e glitterato alla facciaccia dei Maya e della Cris

Anonimo ha detto...

Happy New Year!!!

Lovely Idea

Second Hand Rose ha detto...

Sounds like you had a great New Year! You always show us such lovely dresses! I love the last H&M dress and the long flowing Mango dress. Thanks for being such a lovely blogger and showing us some amazing clothes! XxxX

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi dear!!
Happy new year!!
Great pics!! Last week i received your gift, and couldn´t be happier with everything, i love it!! Thank you so much sweetie, you can see the pics and a link to your blog, on my blog now :)
Lots of kisses!

Unknown ha detto...

Absolutely LOVE the red lace dress, gorgeous :)

Talitha xx

btw, I got your Christmas package, thankyou lovely, I love the gifts. Am posting about it tonight!

Unknown ha detto...

I wish I had a MANGO dress to new year's eve...They are so beautiful.
Happy New Yearrr :D

Jessi ha detto...

Happy New Year! Looks so exciting! I love all the outfits in the post, but my favourite is that red lace dress by Mango and also that white fluffy dress in the last picture. Thanks for sharing!

Casa De Esha ha detto...

I saw you on my list of followers(Queen.OnSet.blogspot). I changed my URL/Blogname to Casa de Esha

I would be so happy if you deleted Queen.Onset from your Bloglist & re-followed me. It´s stupid but if you don´t do that you will not be able to get any notifications about my blog anymore and I would like to keep you as a reader :)

you don´t have to publish this comment, I just wanted to let you know and not trying to advertise for my blog or anything ;)

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